Buy The Sneaker released its latest authentic basketball shoe-Air Jordan XXXV. With 35 years of accumulation and precipitation, Jordan brand continues to use breakthrough innovative technology to perfect its own shoes. Jordan Brand President Craig Williams (Craig Williams) said, “The Jordan brand started in basketball, and the original shoes have always been the top priority of the annual product release. Therefore, we will continue to design products. Innovation and the pursuit of excellence.”
When I first met the Air Jordan 35, the elliptical shoe body and the continued use of technology on the Air Jordan 34 felt that this was a pair of shoes without new ideas, and the seemingly bulky shoe body felt that Jordan had abandoned the previous generation of light. Quantitative design is like a step backward. Compared with the previous generation of shoes, the Eclipse Plate 2.0 on the Air Jordan 35 has stimulated the greater potential of the Zoom Air air cushion unit. Because of the widening of the area, the air cushion unit of the front and rear palms can have a larger area of ​​deformation, which is the athlete’s feet. Provide effective energy feedback.
Jordan Release 2020, In the midsole configuration, the Air Jordan 35 adopts the same forefoot + rear palm double Zoom as the previous generation. But in the actual combat experience of the previous generation, what has been criticized by everyone is that the cushioning effect of the back palm cushion on the Air Jordan 34 is not obvious. In this generation, Jordan replaced the Zoom air cushion on the back palm, replacing the previous generation hexagonal Zoom with a larger horseshoe shape. The upgrade of the back palm Zoom air cushion was the first point of change; and because of the Eclipse Plate 2.0 The larger the area and the more forward position, it also provides more possibilities for the deformation of the air cushion, which perfectly releases the effect of the front and rear palm air cushion units.

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