2020 Jordans, The Air Jordan XXXV is comfortable, lightweight, and can provide adequate support. I can play my own style without any worries. In fact, the first application of Eclipse Plate technology to Air Jordan XXXIV made me shine, and the upgrade on Air Jordan XXXV made me feel amazing again.
Jordan Release 2020, Air Jordan XXXV is definitely an innovative masterpiece. I like the wrapping nature of this shoe on the ankle and it is very comfortable. DNA color matching: pays homage to the classic Fire Red color of Air Jordan V, inheriting the design inspiration of the Agni fighter and the aesthetic language of the 90s. The Bayou Boys color scheme is exclusively created by Zion Williamson. The color scheme symbolizes the resilience of the New Orleans city created by nature and humanity. The shoes use a variety of different materials to pay tribute to the urban culture, including: artificial crocodile leather upper, marble pattern Eclipse Plate and raw rubber outsole.
Air Jordan 35 XXXV does not have a lot of innovation in the sole pattern design, but they chose the safest and most useful design-the classic herringbone. The herringbone pattern outsole is widely used in basketball shoes. Its success has been proven on many sneakers. The dense patterns and the herringbone contour greatly increase the friction area with the ground, making every player on the court. All changes and speed-ups can be firmly controlled.

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