In the New Jordan 2020, every pair of Owen’s new shoes will attract high attention in the sneaker circle! Not only has it established a coquettish fighting appearance since the first generation, the price is always less than one thousand yuan, and the decent performance configuration has made him more crowded.
Last night, Nike officially released the Nike Kyrie 7 EP Lake Blue, the first release released a variety of colors in one breath, which not only hidden homage to Kobe color elements, but also has a unique theme inspired by the barb AJ1. When it comes to Owen boots, the most talked about is the endless appearance of eye-catching colors! This time, it is even more exaggerated. Exclusive Logos are displayed for different themes. The details of the shoe body are also portrayed through materials and textures to make obvious distinctions, and the freshness is greatly increased.
Similar to pastel paint and fine brushwork style to create 2020 Cheap Jordans. The crown embroidery on the heel is a tribute to the neo-expressionist painter Jean-Michel Basquiat. The upper feet are fresh and energetic when viewed from a distance, and the layers are bright and delicate when viewed close up. Taking the movie as the theme, it is presented with blue and gold hollowed out Swoosh. While exuding a fascinating sense of science fiction, the heel is covered with lightning elements supplemented by electric flint. Followed by the text outlined in the shape of a camera, as a tribute to film masters like Steven Spielberg.

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