Drop a little 2,000! How much is the “cheapest ever” Barb AJ1 now? New Jordans Release 2023 Travis Scott has made a big impact on the fashion scene in recent years, both with his co-branded shoe line with Nike and his independent clothing line, attracting millions of fans with his high level of appearance and strong personal features. The Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1 Low was unveiled on Thursday, December 15, with the much-anticipated Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1 Low.
But compared to the previous three pairs of barb Air Jordan 1 launch face, this release can be said to be quite low-key. As one of the most successful co-brands of Jordan Brand in recent years, its market price was once as high as about ¥60xx (42.5 yards) at the beginning of its debut, but now it has plummeted by nearly ¥2000 and only stays at about ¥47xx (42.5 yards).
Although it still has a not low premium, but compared with the first three pairs of “barb” New Jordan 1 UK tens of thousands of market price, this pair of “pure black barb” has become the lowest market price of a pair. Back to the amount of goods, it is rumored that the adult SNKRS in China has a full 32000 pairs of goods, plus baby and children’s and children’s 11000 pairs, generally speaking, it is very sufficient.
Therefore, it is believed that after this blitz, SNKRS China APP and most domestic offline stores will have no hope of replenishment. If you fail to buy at the original price, you may have to look forward to another color matching. In addition to the shoes, new co-branded matching pieces were also released at the same time, including blazers, woven jackets, hoodies, T-shirts, fleece trousers and shorts, which also have a high level of appearance and market value. See a lot of friends are in the day of the original price, small make up in congratulation at the same time also want to say that the sneakers are just outside the body, there are many ways to pursue the trend, I hope friends can do what they can.Finally, I wonder if you won the sale?
Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1 Low OG
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