Air Jordan Shoes 2020,The “dark horse” can no longer be used to describe the position of Dunk and Dunk SB in this year’s sneaker circle! These two very similar shoe types occupy the absolute C position in this year’s shoe circle. Although they have encountered a series of accidents such as the epidemic, they are still very popular. Dunk SB, the hottest ice cream co-branded recently, has even been on the “star-carrying” rocket, and the market price has been rising. Dunk and Dunk SB are not the same shoe type. Skateboarding shoe Dunk SB is based on the big brother Dunk, with detailed optimization added. The thickened tongue and the insole embedded with the Zoom air cushion on the back sole make it more suitable for skateboarding. . But the two are very similar in appearance, especially the low-top style, which is not only versatile, but also very suitable for spring and summer outings, becoming the first choice for trendy sneakers! Not only are the new products released this year, the market prices of Dunk & Dunk SB in the past few years have all gone up. What is the current market price of the “Dunk family”? Look down!
Item No.: BV1310-013
The “Panda Pigeon” released at the beginning of last year attracted much attention at the time, and the Staple co-branded model originally had a pivotal position in all Dunk SB series. At the same time, this model also has the blessing of Chinese style elements. The current market price is around ¥4000 RMB (42.5 size), and the special shoebox version is approaching 10,000 yuan.
Item No.: CU1726-500
As a former limited edition in Japan, “Plum” Dunk Low returned at the beginning of this year. The shoe body is made of purple suede in different shades, and the shoe body has an outstanding texture. With the embellishment of the dark red Swoosh Logo, it brings a very harmonious color matching effect.
Item No.: CU1726-101
“Syracuse” Dunk Low, which was first exposed by Travis Scott, was optimistic by netizens to increase the price at the beginning of the sale, but after the sale, the market price is still acceptable and not too high. However, with the re-engraving of a series of university themes Dunk Low, the price has also risen with the tide. At present, the male size has exceeded the two thousand yuan mark, and the female size is even more than three thousand yuan!
Item No.: CU1726-100 Nike Dunk Low SP “Kentucky” White/Varsity Royal 2020 Newest and “Syracuse” at the same time as the “Kentucky” Dunk Low with a more refreshing white and blue color as the main tone, the initial market price than “Syracuse “It’s even cheaper, but it’s currently rising to around ¥2000 RMB (42.5 yards). Compared with the eye-catching white-orange color scheme of “Snow City”, “Kentucky” is more low-key. It is a good match for both summer and autumn and winter. Those who have long-term wear plans may wish to consider it.

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