New Jordans Release 2023 The last pair of shoes we had to grab this year! Will the “Chicago” AJ1 be restocked? Barb 5.0 strike anytime! It’s already the last month of 2022. I wonder what shoes you have bought this year. If, like Xiaobian, you’re still stuck in a rut, keep your eyes on these tough shoes for the last month!
“Barb”, “lobster” have been positioned, the end of the year heavy New Jordan 11 UK, “Chicago” Air Jordan 2 will be released. There’s also Off-White™, sacai, Nike’s “World’s Boldest” co-branded new shoe, and Jerry Lorenzo’s first sneaker since joining Adidas! It’s no exaggeration to say that snagging these shoes this month has done away with a year’s worth of worries.
sacai x Nike Zoom Cortez SP, Item number: DQ0581-001. The first thing to say is that sacai and Nike hand in hand to create Nike Zoom Cortez SP, in the first color after the second gray main tone of the new color is about to be sold, synchronized debut or have a new co-branded clothing. The lottery has been opened in Japan during December 2nd and 3rd. On December 8th, it will be first sold in sacai’s global tour pop-up store “Hello sacai” in Tokyo station. It is believed that SNKRS China and designated stores in China will also be sold soon.
Air Jordan 11 “Cherry”, item number: CT8012-116. A pair of Air Jordan 11 a year is the official launch on December 10, the appearance level of everyone is not strange, Xiaobian is not to repeat. Although this year’s color is not the first year or Jordan himself on the foot of the classic color, but even so compared to the previous year’s amount of goods will be reduced, looking forward to “you, me, 200” friends or grasp in advance.
“Pure Black” Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1 Low, item number: DM7866-001. “Reverse Mocha” Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1 Low has also just been restocked on SNKRS China, although the rumored quantity is only 400 pairs, which is not relevant to most players. However, I believe that SNKRS China APP after the repair of the lottery registration smooth process, many people are still full of confidence in the “pure black” Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1 Low planned to be released this month! There are still 10 days to go before the official launch, and the possibility of exclusivity and delay cannot be ruled out. Please remember to pay more attention.
“Orange Lobster” Concepts x Nike SB Dunk Low, item number: FD8776-800. Concepts x Nike SB, the new Lobster series, was launched overseas earlier this month. Currently, the special shoebox version with the co-branded BE@RBRICK sells for as much as $1,000 overseas, while the regular box version costs about $500 (size 42.5). Both are not cheap, I believe that after the official release of the domestic will not be cheap, can only say “lobster” or YYDS……
Off-White™ x Nike Air Terra Forma, Item number: DQ1615-100 DQ1615-700. The Off-White™ x Nike Air Terra Forma is set to launch this month as more information comes to light. As can be seen from the comments of players in the past, for this new pair of shoes designed entirely by Virgil and his team, some people are teasing and some are looking forward to the launch. However, as a small series, the market price will not be too high after the launch. For the players who like it, they are still very happy to get around the original price.
Air Jordan 2 “Chicago”, item number: DX2454-106. Jordan Brand marks the end of the year on December 30, the last day of 2022. Starting with Off-White™ x Air Jordan 2, the Jordan Brand begins 2022 with Air Jordan 2 as the main theme, with a variety of co-branded IP’s that we all know. Finally, it ends with the most classic OG Chicago color scheme in the first year, which is believed to be the wish of many players.
“Chicago” Air Jordan 1, item number: DZ5485-612. Yes, after the official launch of SNKRS China APP, the official launch of Jordan’s Tmall flagship store and the replenishment of Nike APP, the “Chicago” Air Jordan 1 will most likely be replenished on December 12, the “Double 12th”. At present, the market price is about ¥2700 yuan (42.5 yards), which is far higher than the expectations of many players. Therefore, we must be prepared to continue replenishing!
Those are the big Nike Shoes that have to enter the draw in the last month of the year. Each one is worth buying and comes with a decent premium. To learn more about the launch firsthand, stay tuned for our latest coverage!

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