Air Jordan Shoes 2020,Zebra, Tucker, PE Kobe 5 are rumored to be on sale! Which pair of new colors do you choose? Although Nike Kobe 5 has restarted the sale of the Kobe series of boots and peripheral products, there are very few friends who signed in the “Mamba Week” last month. Many Kobe fans have expressed that it is too difficult to get started, and they have missed many eye-catching color schemes one after another. But the good news is that two more color schemes will be officially launched this month, and DeRozan and PJ Tucker have taken the lead on the eve of the release.
Although it is not a classic color matching in the first year, the same eye-catching color matching effect is estimated to have a lot of fans! The first to be released is the pair of zebra color matching Kobe 5 Protro, the upper is covered with a variety of geometric patterns, creating a naked eye 3D effect. The large zebra pattern on the side is also the origin of the color name of the whole pair of shoes. The combination of gray and white can be said to be quite eye-catching. The black Swoosh Logo echoes the heel, supplemented by Kobe’s iconic signature, inheriting the noble temperament of Kobe’s boots.
DeRozan has taken the lead before, and it can be seen that the overall black, white and gray three-color theme is versatile and domineering. Another Kobe 5 rumored to be on sale is a PE version from “Shoe King” Tucker. The white upper is used as the base, and it is embellished with blue, gray, yellow, purple, red and other colors at the same time. It is highly recognizable. It is rumored to be on sale on the 25th of this month. In addition, Tucker recently exposed a pair of white and blue zebra color Kobe 5 when he was drying his shoes.
The white and purple zebra pattern with naked eye 3D pattern brings a good visual experience, but this color scheme has not yet released release information. Friends who want to start may wish to wait, after all, Kobe boots will be sold in a variety of colors in the future. The two Bruce Lee color matching Kobe 5 that many people are looking forward to will also meet with us soon. Everyone must treat the Kobe boots that have been sold rationally. At present, DeRozan’s zebra color matching Kobe 5 has been officially released, and the Tucker PE color matching will be on sale at a price of $180. Interested friends may wish to continue to follow our follow-up reports.

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