Nike Dunk Low “Midnight Navy” FN7800-400 looks really good! The face value is really not low! The official image of the new “North Carolina” Dunk Low is exposed! The popularity of the Nike Dunk series is believed to be obvious to all. Whether it is the re-engraving of the classic color scheme or the debut of the heavyweight joint name, it can attract the attention of many sneaker players. Ordinary DUNK was used to play basketball in 1980~1990, but that is just New Jordan 1 UK DUNK depends on the situation. Ordinary DUNKs only have an air cushion on the back palm, which is much less comfortable to wear. DUNK is just for leisure. The wear resistance of DUNK and DUNK SB depends on the usual walking habits. It is recommended to wear a pair of shoes 3 days a week, which is also a kind of protection for the shoes.
Recently, a pair of new color matching Nike Dunk Low official images have been exposed. The whole pair of shoes is mainly white, supplemented by a navy blue shoe body frame, and the sideways Swoosh is embellished with North Carolina blue, which is particularly pleasing to the eye. The shoe body material is wrapped in full leather fabric, which highlights the Dunk texture as always. The Nike words on the heel are embellished with yellow to further enhance the eye-catching effect. Finally, it finishes with a white midsole and navy blue outsole to complete the overall shape design. Dunk sb low means low-top sneakers, and many young people prefer this style. And it’s also very easy to match. It’s basically a versatile style, and it looks better with a pair of sports pants. And it is very comfortable to wear on the feet.
Nike SB Dunk, as a good-looking skateboard shoe, has air cushions, and both the front and back soles have good-looking Air Zoom air cushions. However, the foot feel of the air cushion is not very obvious, but it will be a little hard, but compared to the AJ1, the dunk sb low foot feel is much better. Many skateboards like this configuration, which is one of the reasons why dunk sb is very popular now. At present, this pair of new color matching Nike Dunk Low will debut this year, and the sale price is $110. Interested friends can pay more attention.
Nike Dunk Low
Item No.: FN7800-400

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