Tribute to ACG! Air Jordan Shoes 2021 Two new Air Max new products have just been released! The Nike Air max 95, which was born in the 90s, is very popular among sneaker enthusiasts, and Air Max Plus is also a masterpiece in the hearts of many enthusiasts. “Bring innovation and inspiration to every athlete in the world” is Nike’s declaration. At the beginning of 2006, the advent of Air Max 360 technology brought NIKE’s innovation into a new era. 360-degree full air cushion technology pushed NIKE’s air cushion technology to the top. In the fall of 2006, NIKE made another attack, using this technology extensively and continuously expanding, injecting the essence of Air Max 360 technology into basketball shoes and running shoes, providing athletes with more innovative and inspired enjoyment.
Nike Air Max Plus For many years, this sneaker has been unknown in China, until the return of the old shoes, people began to look for some comfortable and special styles. When social media and fashion bloggers recommended this sneaker one after another, Air Max Plus finally found its own way of showing it, and hope that more people can try to understand this pair of sneakers.
Recently, two Air Max series running shoes designed inspired by ACG have been exposed. Come and take a look at the beautiful pictures! Among them, Air Max Plus uses a black upper design, and dotted with white stripe details. The blue Mini Nike Swoosh is inlaid in the center of the side of the shoe. The white splashed ink midsole and orange outsole are very vivid. With the black window air cushion, the visual effect of the design and color matching is very balanced. The Air Max 95 upper adopts a gray-black gradient design, and is dotted with orange lace holes, which makes the visual effect very eye-catching. The white splashed ink midsole and orange air cushion opening create a full sense of movement. At present, the two new shoes are already on sale, and interested partners can buy them through other channels.

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