White Red AJ11, “small Sup” AJ5 has been released! And inventory speed rush! New Jordans Release 2023 The year-end blockbuster sneaker, the New Jordan 11 UK, is finally on sale!
Although this year’s color scheme was officially announced a month ago, after a period of ferment, the “white and red” color scheme still has a lot of players, even if it’s not the same color scheme that OG or Jordan himself wore in the first year. This morning, Jordan official flagship store officially opened the “white and red” Air Jordan 11 pre-sale, after the hand speed to pay the deposit, only after the final payment, you can harvest this kind of a year only a pair of heavy shoes. The official price for adult model is ¥1699, the current market price is around ¥1750 (42.5 yards), the market price is the same as the sale price, after all, the annual quantity of Air Jordan 11 is placed there, and you can always get a good price if you want to buy it in the initial launch! I believe that with the official launch of SNKRS China APP, the popularity will rise again. Do you like this year’s Air Jordan 11? In addition to the Air Jordan 11, the “little Supreme” New Jordan 5 UK Gore-Tex WMNS “Off Noir,” which was previously scheduled for release in December, also hit Jordan’s official flagship store this morning. It has to be said that the appearance level of the whole pair of shoes is quite advanced, and at the same time, it has the necessary waterproof function in autumn and winter. In the previous report of Xiaobian, it received a lot of praise. I wonder if you got it this morning?
At present, Jordan’s official flagship store is also sold in the form of pre-sale deposit. Men’s sizes of 40-47.5 are out of stock, and only some women’s sizes can still be placed. In fact, whether you buy the two pairs of shoes in the official flagship store of Jordan or not this morning, you will have the opportunity to buy the original price in the follow-up SNKRS China APP and offline stores. You may wish to continue to follow our follow-up report, I wish everyone can get their favorite Nike Shoes!

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