Air Jordan Shoes 2021.The lunar surface has a sense of sight! How would you rate this brand new Air Force 1? Nike’s N.354 series is based on Nike’s existing classic shoes, remodeled and redesigned, adding various deconstruction and new design elements. As one of Nike’s most classic shoes, Nike Air Force 1 Low has always had a high position in the shoe circle. Nike Air Force 1 Low not only has a very high historical status, but also a variety of colors that bring joy to countless players.
2021 Jordan Shoes, a pair of new color matching Air Force 1 Experimental official pictures were released, and the gameplay is also unique. The shoes use the classic Phoenix sun color scheme, which is very eye-catching. The upper is made of a uniquely textured foam material, and the uneven surface is presented in dark gray, giving people a sense of sight on the surface of the moon. At the same time, the whole shoe is printed with the words “Air Force 1” to express respect for the shoes. The laces are designed with drawstrings commonly found on outdoor shoes, bringing functional wind to the shoes. Followed by the upside-down Nike Logo and N.354 label, highlighting an extraordinary identity.
At present, the pair of Nike Air Force 1 Experimental “Suns” is on sale, priced at $89. Interested friends may wish to click the link to purchase. Purchase link: Nike Air Force 1 Experimental “Suns”, item number: CZ1528-001

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