Air Jordan 5 is firstly remembered as a milestone in the history of basketball shoe design, and secondly it exists as a pair of Air Jordan basketball shoes. Air Jordan5 has taken in a lot of essence in the design of Air Jordan 4. The family characteristics inherited from a series are also reflected in Air Jordan5. The first is the use of mesh material on the upper. This is the innovation of Air Jordan 4. Design, the designer of Air Jordan 5 borrowed this successful design very well to make Air Jordan 5 more special. Of course, the Air Jordan 5 also has many unique designs, the most important of which is still in the midsole technology that was very touted at the time. Although the Air Jordan5 still uses the ordinary AIR-SOLE visible through the rear palm window, it has made a qualitative leap in the design and material use of the midsole and outsole. These designs have also directly affected the basketball for the next two decades. In shoe design, a brand new design idea appeared. The unique midsole of Air Jordan 5 is first of all the special pattern on the outside of the forefoot midsole. Based on the concept of the World War II fighter MUSTANG FIGHTER, the shark tooth pattern design is used in the midsole of the shoe. This is definitely an unprecedented breakthrough design. The EVA midsole uses different color coatings to create such a beautiful pattern. Although it is only a simple splash pattern, it directly determines the trend of basketball shoe midsole design in the next five years. Various complicated patterns are used on the midsole of sports shoes without hesitation. Some unacceptable exaggerated patterns continue in the midsole design of Air Jordan 5. Of course, the midsole pattern of Air Jordan 5 is still the most special. The stretched pattern makes the usual simple basketball shoes instantly full of vitality, those original dull Basketball shoes can only adjust the atmosphere by changing the color. Since Air Jordan5 appeared, the real midsole modification has appeared, and after the development, the classic designs evolved from this simple pattern are countless.
Air Jordan Shoes 2021 Air Jordan 5 represents a design transition of the AirJordan series of basketball shoes, from a complete star basketball shoe to the pursuit of a full range of top-level design, and further integrate the concept of the FLIGHT series of basketball shoes into the design of AirJordan basketball shoes, lightweight It has been further included in all important links of sneaker design. After the development of Air Jordan 5, the entire Air Jordan series has entered a mature period, followed by countless classic Air Jordan basketball shoes. The Air Jordan 5 in the female AirJordan anime launched in 2007 is a very special pair of shoes in the AJ series. Because AJ5 is a rare pair of shoes that is not entirely dependent on the personal charm of Qiao Tianwang, it has become a classic shoe. The impression of AJ5 in people More from the popular manga “Slam Dunk”, the famous character in it-Rukawa Kaede dressed in this pair of Air Jordan 5, and Rukawa Kaede wearing AJ5 has become the idol of countless boys and girls. The reissue of AIR JORDAN in 2013 also made fans who love it rejoice.

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