New Jordan 2020, While several iconic styles from NIKE, Inc. will mark the milestone anniversary in 2022, it’s arguably the Nike Air Max’s 35th anniversary, as it has influenced dozens of styles over the past five years. design. As part of the festivities, Swoosh has expanded the “XXXV” collection to include the Air Max 97 in “Black” and “Sporty Turquoise” shades. Similar to the recently unveiled Air Max 90, the upcoming sneaker features a dark aesthetic that lets the titular contrasting shades shine. Denim and other unconventional fabrics run throughout the upper, creating a textured ensemble for Christian Tresser’s 25-year-old design. Overlays on the mid vamp, contoured swoosh, “XXXV” lettering on the outside of the forefoot, and a collection-specific jewel logo on the tongue all contribute to the striking “Sport Turquoise” style. Finally, a full-length Air Max unit underfoot continues some of the style of the upper, completing a special garb to commemorate the technology’s 35th anniversary.
2020 Cheap Jordans, LeBron James revealed his latest Nike 1-of-1 PE just days before the All-Star break in Cleveland. After all, the King has unparalleled footwear, but these are infused with an extra special sauce that connects him with another Los Angeles icon. From a distance, these appear to be unremarkable all-white Air Force 1 Mids. However, the concept also has layers, as it incorporates multiple points of L.A. influence as well as a chess theme to create a “King of L.A.” theme worthy of a four-time champion and a second. Two king pieces are embroidered on the heel, while the mid-panel features a checkerboard-shaped colorblock map of Los Angeles. Two prominent words are printed on the inside of the ankle strap: “Chess Not Checkers” and “Love Live The King”. At the end, the following lyrics were written on the tongue: “Trying to be king, but the trump card is back!”
In Retro Jordan 2021, Swoosh has taken a more thoughtful approach to accessibility, often catering to everyone from professional athletes to people with disabilities. With FlyEase, the brand can cater to the latter, but only if they can keep the pair on the shelf. Thankfully, popular styles are increasingly incorporating this technology, most recently the Air Jordan 1 Low. The Air Jordan 1 Low FlyEase debuts here, courtesy of a sneaker leaker. The fastening system is noticeably more discreet than its taller counterparts. For example, the strap is reduced to a single Velcro adhesive panel attached to the zipper on the other side. Adjacent eye braces are constructed similarly and their connections resemble typical lace units. Perhaps more interesting than the system itself is the color scheme, which is the same color scheme as the 2020 “Tokyo Bio Hack.”
jordan shoes 2019, Only recently has the Nike Air Max 96 II returned to the public eye. Both the Batman-inspired look and the “Ashen Slate” look help the style transition into 2022, and both will be released later in the season. This recently surfaced “Mystic Navy” colorway is sure to join the ranks as the shoe gets its first premium version of the year. The titular “Mystic Navy” is paired with slightly frosty tones. They wear many overlays together: darker shades dominate the suede overlays and lace units, while lighter shades accentuate the midfoot and eye. Elsewhere, “Light Silver” and “Aviator Grey” sit atop the mesh and outermost leather, respectively, completing the palette.

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