The release date is confirmed! Nike “85 Years Edition Dunk” Returns! New Jordans Release 2023 With the prevalence of retro style, more and more brands have begun to bring back their own retro shoes. Of course, Nike also participated in it, and brought back multiple pairs of shoes including Terminator. Recently, Nike brought back the Dunk Low shoe model of the first year version in 1985, and confirmed the release date. As one of Nike’s old shoe models, the Nike SB Dunk series has been extremely popular in the past two years, and the heavy joint name is one pair after another.
This time, the 1985 OG shoe model ushered in a re-enactment, which will be fuller and more retro than the normal version. The whole pair of shoes adopts a large area of white as the main tone, supplemented by gray and orange decorations, the visual effect is extremely simple, but without losing the sense of hierarchy. The body of the shoe is wrapped in suede and canvas fabrics, and the texture is also guaranteed. The midsole has a very obvious old-fashioned effect, so the shoelaces are also presented in this special “light yellow” to echo each other. Compared with the previous Air Jordan 1 High 85 and Nike Dunk Hi 85, this Nike Dunk Low 85 is not much different in shoe shape.
Currently, the new Nike Dunk Low 85 “Athletic Department” is on sale for $110. I believe interested friends will not miss it. Click on the link to enter the store to choose a code! speed!
Nike Dunk Low 85 “Athletic Department”
Item No.: FJ5429-133

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