New Jordan 2020, Although the 2021-2022 season is a regular NBA season, LeBron James still has a lot to be excited about. Nike is very grateful for this because they provided the athletes with his own Air Force 1 in time for the holidays. The color scheme called “King’s Day” pays homage to the king himself with luxury and directness. For example, his iconic lion head pattern has been given a full body, hovering on a blue black heel label, next to matching palm trees, crescent moon and LeBron’s own logo. Swoosh extends the sky that is actually black, covering it on the white and tan checkerboards of the heel and the middle panel. Elsewhere, these two neutral shoes have gained their own solid color stage: the former straddles the midsole and lining, and the latter is located on the top of the forefoot, eye support and shoelace unit. In addition, the insole adopts elegant cursive script to encourage the words “pursuing greatness”.
2020 Cheap Jordans, With the sensational 25th anniversary, Nike Air Max Plus continues to experiment with its structure and color matching. Soon, Sean McDowell’s design will experiment with the “metal cyan” accent proposed by the upcoming Nike Sportswear series. This upcoming space capsule, which already has a female Air Force 1 Shadow, mainly uses all-white color tones, making the above-mentioned water-reminiscent color the focus. The contour whirlwind, the top of the tongue and the midfoot stalk are all in a “metal cyan” style, and the latter two components have a gradient finish. The improved Air Max unit and foot tread followed suit, while the unnamed series introduced shiny silver accessories through shoelaces.
Retro Jordan 2021, Despite revisiting all its original color schemes from 1991 to 2021, the Nike Air Huarache is ending the year by removing non-original but equally important styles from the archive. for example? : Rooted in the 1992 “Slate” version of the “Shadow/Midnight Navy/Black” makeup look. Although not the one-to-one retro of the aforementioned price cuts, the upcoming sneakers reintroduced almost the same color palette and blocked modern audiences. The matte cladding on the forefoot and tongue is light gray, reminiscent of the Air Jordan 11 “Cool Grey” and other NIKE, Inc. shoes. The neoprene structure is visible on the tongue and the entire midfoot and heel, and then divided into darker tones, “Midnight Navy” also left a mark on the brand components. As with the Nike Huarache 29 years ago, the soles of these shoes have an all-black appearance.
As Nike SB Dunk is close to a year under its laces, it returns with the fan favorite “Goldenrod” color scheme. Due to global logistics delays, the release of this vibrant yellow and black color scheme has been everywhere. A few retailers reduced their inventory holdings for the first time on Wednesday, November 17, but are expected to launch a wider range of products in mid-December. In the past 36 years, whether it is under the nicknames “Wu-Tang” or “Iowa”, the two-tone “Be True To Your School” style has appeared in some Nike Dunk High choices. As in the case of these shoes, the upcoming product lays the foundation for a nominally “Goldenrod” synthetic leather overlay with a “black” undertone on the upper. At the foot, the Air Jordan 1 Low-look-alike completes its overall with a combination of a “white” midsole and a yellow outsole.

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