Super hard to grab “special packaging” leak! New Jordans Release 2023 The Orange Lobster Dunk SB has a release date! Concepts and Nike Shoes have created a “Lobster collection” that will definitely be one of Dunk’s most iconic creations, with color combinations that have already been sold to the highest prices. The duo’s latest collaboration, “Purple Lobster” Dunk SB, is expected to hit $10,000 in sizes and special packaging by the end of 2018. Concepts x Nike Lobster series will be back next month after 4 years!
Nike Dunk Low Along with the photos, the exact release date has been revealed, and the requisite special packaging has been revealed for the first time. The orange and lobster color scheme pays homage to Spanish surrealist painter Salvador Dali’s ‘Lobster Telephone’. The whole vamp is covered with the bright orange suede of cooked lobster. Look closely at the vamp dotted with spots of lobster shell. Lined with orange and white picnic cloth prints, the classic design is also unique, very eye-catching. The toe of the shoe continues the traditional item of the previous “lobster” series, the rubber binding element of the lobster claw. In terms of shoelaces, there are three pairs of shoelaces in white, orange and lake blue to provide more collocation choices. The special packaging that everyone cares about finally appeared recently. The shoebox is presented in a classical picture frame with Salvador Dali’s “Lobster Telephone” on the front. We maintain the high standard creative expression of Concepts. In addition to the heirloom rubber band emblazoned with the words 20th anniversary CONCPTS, it’s assumed that the band comes with 400% +100% orange lobster theme BE@RBRICK, with the size pulled straight to the top.
To accompany the launch date, Concepts has released a surreal dining room with costumes that also pay tribute to Dali’s work. The Concepts x Nike SB Dunk ‘Orange Lobster’ will be available at Concepts stores starting December 2, with a SNKRS Pass scheduled for December 2-4 in the United States. On December 20, it will be released in designated stores around the world, and the domestic market is expected to follow suit. The Salvador Dali-themed clothing and accessories collection created by Concepts will be launched on December 1st, so if you’re interested, don’t miss it!
Concepts x Nike SB Dunk Low “Orange Lobster”
Article number: FD8776-800

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