Market price take off? Guanxi’s last pair of “Kung Fu Shoes” will be up for grabs tomorrow morning! After watching the upper feet, I am more excited! New Jordans Release 2023 From the beginning of this year to the present, news of the joint name of Guan Xige and CLOT has continued. Among them, the “Lightning Silk” Dunk Low has attracted the attention of countless sneakers and trendy players across the Internet. “No more silk within ten years” was ridiculed by netizens as “No more silk within four years”. However, recently, CLOT x Nike CLOTEZ ushered in a new color scheme again, and Guan Xige said on his personal social media that this will be the final chapter of this CLOT x Nike Cortez joint name. The editor decided to believe it again…
Today, the editor will rush to bring you the detailed unboxing + on-foot display of the “last” CLOT x Nike Cortez “Forrest Gump” before it goes on sale. There is also detailed release information at the end of the article. Interested friends must see the end. !
“Kung Fu Shoes” is a swan song, but I am a little dissatisfied. Because CLOT x Nike “CLOTEZ” is based on the classic Nike Cortez, the last color Guanxi chose to pay tribute to the Cortez OG color in the movie “Forrest Gump”. The overall shape adopts a large area of white as the main tone, supplemented by red and blue two-color Swoosh embellishment, the visual effect is almost exactly the same as the Cortez OG color in “Forrest Gump”. The shoes are still composed of “3 IN 1” innovative gameplay. In addition to the full body shape we saw above, they can also be worn in two forms of sports shoes and casual shoes after disassembly. First of all, let’s look at it from the outside to the inside. The outermost upper layer is wrapped with a very delicate and soft fabric material. However, the large area of white on the upper is really too dirty. In the future, everyone should be careful and careful! The second is the inner boots. The pure white leather shoe body is matched with the red Swoosh. The heel embroidery is not the word “Forrest Gump” as guessed by many fans, but the words “gong” and “husband” in the same color scheme as the first generation, which further emphasizes the design inspiration. The light and thin outsole can not only bring a better sense of the field, but also the red CLOT logo on the heel will also show the joint identity. In terms of details, in addition to the Nike Shoes drawstring buckle with yin and yang symbols, the “Bagua” pattern on the insole also highlights the color theme.
The appearance of the upper feet is really high, and the OG color matching is stress-free. The previous two color schemes, I believe everyone has seen the upper feet of Guanxi and various bloggers and hipsters, and I believe everyone is well aware of the versatile attributes of this shoe. And this pair of brand new “OG color matching” is even worse than the previous two models. The editor still chooses jeans for matching this time, and this time it is the Levi’s 501 pants type, which is the blueprint of “longevity pants”. Coupled with the retro street temperament of the OG color Forrest Gump running shoes, there is really no big problem. The white sports inner boots, thanks to the full leather body and rubber outsole, are quite comfortable after wearing them. It is a good choice when you are at home or visiting a friend’s house. Although the overall conditions for going out on the street are met, because the soles are too thin, the official recommendation is to only wear them indoors. Finally, it is the most difficult to control slipper in “3 IN 1”. Even if Guanxi controls it by himself, the editor thinks that the appearance is hard to describe. Although the appearance of casual shoes is not as good as the first two forms, thanks to the convenience of putting them on and taking off, they can completely replace slippers in summer. While wearing them with a different feeling, I can only say one thing: that is authentic! Size suggestion, Nike Cortez shoes have a narrow toe cap, so some friends with wide feet may still squeeze their feet and press their insteps. Therefore, friends with thin feet and normal feet can start with their normal size, and friends with wide feet must choose one to half a size up for comfort.

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