Nike SB board shoes five bear dancing bears fluffy pink bear “New Jordan 2020” NIKE SB DUNK LOW PRO QS “Three Bears” Dunk SB “Three Bear Pack” released in 2006 is also a representative work of the family, the unique “bear fur” shoes The noodles bring a unique texture experience. And this magical theme will return this year, paying tribute to the American psychedelic rock band Grateful Dead, taking the “Dancing Bear” on the classic album cover as the inspiration to upgrade the former “Three Bears” to “Five Bears”.
So, this Grateful Dead x Nike Dunk SB Bears Pack has a total of 5 colors! They are all made of low-top Nike SB Dunk Low shoes. The upper material and detailed design are breathtaking! Not only is it the same as the “Valentine’s Day” color scheme, it has a rich texture and gloss, and a combination of multiple materials. Swoosh also reproduces the shape of the bear’s scarf.
Not only 2020 Cheap Jordans has a good sense of hierarchy visually, but also has the stupid and cute temperament of a toy bear. The unique furry texture, the fun bear is presented on the tongue of the shoe, plus the contrasting tones and the sawtooth-shaped Swoosh, this pair of shoes is truly unique in the recognition of the upper foot!

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