Air Jordan 5
AJ5, Air Jordan Shoes 2021 which beats AJ6 and AJ12 and successfully won the seventh place, must have a reason why everyone loves it. Compared with AJ6, AJ5 is not so good in innovation, but innovation means questioning. In terms of risk and inheritance, AJ5 chose the latter. The same toe cap and plastic breathable mesh as the previous generation have been inherited from the AJ5, and the success of the AJ4 generation is also destined to be no worse for the AJ5. The sideways of the shoes are derived from the shark tooth patterns of the World War II fighters and the first attempt at the crystal bottom, so that everyone remembers this Air Jordan 5, which is seeking innovation in inheritance.
Air Jordan 13
The failure to make the top five on the list really frustrated some AJ13 “loyal fans”. Indeed, both in terms of appearance and actual combat itself, AJ13 is very good in the authentic series. The good actual combat performance is also one of the reasons for the AJ13 to add points.When the Air Jordan 13 was first released, Jordan himself and a few Bulls teammates were the few who wore it. However, a few years later, many Jordan brand players have put on the 2004 reissue of AJ 13. Among them, the AJ 13 named “Gray Toe” color scheme is particularly eye-catching because it was a sample released that year. Another “green altitude” version of the AJ 13 also attracted a lot of people’s attention, because this shoe was released very rarely, but it has been widely discussed.Jordan has achieved extraordinary achievements during the AJ13 period. Whether it is leading the Bulls to a second three consecutive championships or breaking the record of “Sky Hook” Kareem with 788 consecutive scoring games, these achievements can make AJ 13 cultural significance. Ranked among the best in the entire Air Jordan series.The editor believes that the AJ13 panda that is about to go on sale will surely attract a flurry of blood.
Air Jordan 3
Finally came to the top five of the top ten list! AJ3 entered the ranks of the top five without any suspense. Everyone must know the legend about AJ3 very well, and the most famous one is the free throw line that took off and dunks back then. This year Jordan Brand also brought many classic OG color schemes to the stage. The once high price of black cement was successfully lower than the original price. The classic AJ3 brought many old fans back and also won a large number of new fans. The concise appearance and classic story make AJ3 enduring. AJ3 has become the top five goalkeeper, and other lower-ranked “brothers” have no complaints.

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