The Air Jordan 1 family that has turned on the New Jordan 2020. The three shoe models of high, middle and low tops have increased their sales force, Air Jordan 1 High OG, Air Jordan 1 Mid and Air Jordan 1 Low There are dazzling new products one after another.Many of them resemble the previous heavy styles. Before, there was a “small barb” similar to the Travis Scott joint name, and now there is a new Air Jordan 1 Mid that is very similar to the Union joint name.
The Air Jordan 1 Mid SE Union Black Toe famous Black Toe scheme retains the original color, while the material is changed to nylon on the front and suede on the heel. The white leather is lined up below, wrapped up on the ankle flap, and its gray background mimics the deliberate accumulation of the Muses. The upper is made of clean black, white and red colors, and is made of high-grade leather, synthetic fiber and soft suede, bringing a sense of luxury. Nike’s iconic Swoosh logo runs across the sides, while Jumpman is embroidered on the tongue, and the collar bears the Jordan Brand wings logo.
This pair of 2020 Cheap Jordans is gray supplemented by the three primary colors of black, white and red. It is also dressed with black toes. It is also black Swoosh. It also has a red heel and gray upper. It is in the same color as the Union x Air Jordan 1 one. Carved out! The biggest difference is the lack of car line details and the absence of UNION LA. From a distance, he is simply a brother, calling it “Little Union”, I am afraid that few people will object to it!

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