New Jordans Release 2023 Another pair of “cherry” color scheme! New Jordan 12 UK official picture exposure! Last week, a pair of low-profile versions of the “Cherry” Air Jordan 12 released pictures of the real thing, which attracted a lot of attention.
After all, the market price of the “cherry” Air Jordan 12 has come to ¥6000+. If it can return, even the low help is also expected. As the first year of the color of Air Jordan 12 “Cherry” has been with high appearance level to attract the love of countless sneaker players, color picturesque, Air Jordan 12 as one of the most classic Jordan Brand Nike Shoes. Both the color scheme and the material selection are particularly pleasing, but it’s a shame that……The whole pair of shoes with white as the main tone, in the Air Jordan 12 classic toe embellished with red, presented a visual effect and Air Jordan 12 “Cherry” is almost identical.
Recently, a new Air Jordan 12 Low Golf “Cherry” released the official picture of the overall use of classic white and red makeup points, with black lining, bring good visual effects. Vamp with classic leather cover, retro style is full. This time, the outsole has a golf-specific grip system and tacks. At present, the new Air Jordan 12 Low Golf “Cherry” has been sold, the sale price is $129, we will continue to pay attention to and immediately bring follow-up reports, interested partners can pay more attention to!
Air Jordan 12 Low Golf “Cherry”
Item number: DH4120-161

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